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66-004 Zielona Góra, ul. Drzonków - Strumykowa 1
tel. +48 669 10 20 11, e-mail

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your kindergarten called the Non-Public Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem" (Eng. "By the Stream")?

In our bilingual kindergarten we shape the ability to use a foreign language as a natural, second language of child's communication using the unique and innovative method of language immersion. Simultaneously we shape the widely-understood, balanced personality development of the young person by means of, among others, the curricula „Razem w przedszkolu” (Eng. "Together in Kindergarten") and „Przyjaciele Zippiego” (Eng. "Zippie's Friends"), as well as by an individualised approach to each child.

In contrast to other kindergartens, including language kindergartens, our foreign language activities take the same time proportion as the main curriculum (i.e. at least one half of a child's daily stay in kindergarten).

That is why by choosing our name the Language Non-Public Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem" we tried to underline the uniqueness of the educational programme offered by us to your children, which ensures them a better start in the consecutive stages of life.

2. Do you have your own kitchen? How about the meals you prepare?

In our kindergarten there is a fully-equipped kitchen and the basic catering services are provided by the renowned Winnica Restaurant. The varied food served to children is always hot, fresh and rich in the necessary nutrients.

The menu, designed by a dietician, takes into account not only the tastes and looks of its dishes, but also the health and educative aspects of nutrition.

We also provide for the nutritional needs of allergic children and within the full nutrition we provide, we offer four meals a day.

The daily cost of food is 10 PLN.

3. How much is the fee?

The monthly fee is 400 PLN and includes the cost of full and varied educational offer provided by our kindergarten: the language immersion method together with another foreign language, the fulfilment of the latest Core Curriculum as stipulated by the Ministry of Education and „Zippie's Friends” programme, meetings with our four-legged friends with the elements of dog therapy, dancing and rhythmics, visits of interesting guests (e.g. visiting musicians from Zielona Góra Philharmonics, interactive theatres or encounters with "crazy scientists"), using the playground located at the kindergarten, individualized speech therapy, specialist care (physician, nurse, therapist) and many other attractions.

5. Do you offer any discounts if more than one child is enrolled?

Yes, our „Family discount” offers a monthly discount of 100 PLN for the second child and 200 PLN for the third child. It is a discount that is family-centred and long term, the children enrolled in the kindergarten "sum up" during the whole period of their attendance of our facility.

6. Can I see the kindergarten?

Naturally, you are welcome to visit our facility following phone arrangements (our mobile 669 10 20 11, phone 68 347 16 22) or email contact ( ). Full contact data is available in section Contact.

7. Why did you decide to build such a modern kindergarten in the district of Zielona Góra - Drzonków and not in the very centre of Zielona Góra?

The location of our kindergarten was influenced by many factors that were given careful consideration by us. The location of the kindergarten in the very centre of Zielona Góra - Drzonków, the recreation district of Zielona Góra located in the direct vicinity of the town centre, offers a number of advantages:

- enables convenient access of children's parents from both the very centre of Zielona Góra (7 kms, 15 mins to the town centre: check the route on the map of Zielona Góra - Drzonków to the centre of Zielona Góra), as well as from the other places located nearby,

- the time of driving children to the kindergarten is not additionally lengthened by the necessity to use the jammed town roads or travelling "from one town end to the other”,

- our kindergarten is located among forests and green areas, far from the noise and pollution and next to the Voivodeship Sports and Recreational Centre where there is a stud farm, pools, sports halls and courses/pitches and other places that offer walks and active relaxation to your children,

- the beneficial microclimate of Zielona Góra - Drzonków as well as fresh and clean air and water from the nearby deep-water intakes have the beneficial effect on the health of your children, particularly those suffering from recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract,

- the location of the kindergarten among forests and green areas creates the necessary conditions for frequent contact with nature and ecology, including regular meetings with two- and four-legged creatures with elements of dog therapy and using horses and ponies at the Centre of the Modern Pentathlon,

- the surroundings and the location of the kindergarten directly stimulate learning and enable the implementation of healthy and conscious nutrition from the earliest age.

8. Why fitting your kindergarten with mechanical ventilation is beneficial to my child?

In contrast to the far less effective gravitational ventilation, modern mechanical ventilation installed in our kindergarten ensures a far higher comfort of functioning to the children and their optimal oxygenation.

The well functioning mechanical ventilation, through its constant removal of used air from the kindergarten and supply of fresh air of optimal temperature, significantly reduces the spread of infectious diseases and general vulnerability of your children.

The majority of kindergartens in Lubusz Voivodeship (Province) are fitted merely with standard gravitational ventilation.

9. What times is the kindergarten open?

The Non-Public Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem" is open from 6.45 - 18.00 - its opening times are adjusted to the working hours of the parents of the attending children.

The extended opening hours of the kindergarten are available to all the children, without any extra payments.

10. I read the information concerning individual speech defect prevention. I would like to enrol my child in your kindergarten. Will s/he also be covered by the individualised work programme involving the speech therapist?

Yes, at our facility all children are covered by the full programme of preventing speech defects including the diagnosis and, for children requiring support, individualized speech therapy.

We do not charge any additional fees for covering children with the speech defect prevention programme - any additional fees are already included in our kindergarten fee.