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Speech therapy lab


Speech therapy does not hurt! Its main aim is to remove defects and any irregularities concerned with speech and pronunciation. 

There is a speech therapy lab in our kindergarten. We treat the following speech irregularities in the lab:

·         lisp,

·         rhotacism,

·         nasal speech,

·         delayed speech development,

·         stammering,

·         aphasias

as well as offer pedagogical therapy services:

·         sessions for children and young people with dyslexia and  reading and writing difficulties. 

We offer: professional, individualized approach to clients and  high quality of our services.

The scope of our activity includes children that require early speech therapy intervention, at preschool and school ages as well as adults.


Speech therapy diagnosis /issuing an opinion/

60.00 PLN


Speech therapy /1 class="60" mins/

50.00 PLN


Speech therapy /1 class="45" mins/

40.00 PLN


Remedial classes for children with reading and writing difficulties        

 /1 class="45" mins/

40.00 PLN


Preventive logorythmic classes /1 class =40 mins/

1 person 30.00 PLN/
in groups 15.00 PLN per person


Speech therapy meetings with small children - early speech therapy intervention

40.00 PLN

We inform that the speech therapy lab is free of charge to our children (all therapeutic offers are free - including the weekly individual session with speech therapist), other clients are served according to the price list suggested.