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Dancing and Break Dancing

Dancing and Break Dancing

Every week in our kindergarten there are dancing activities for all the children: Zumba, hip-hop with English and classical dancing.

Both the "break dancing" and the more classical dance to the rhythm of music from all over the world are conducted by our trusted and talented dance instructors, motivating children to experience the passion for music and dance with all their senses :)

ZUMBA JAMMER, professional dancing instructress, MASTERCLASS fitness instructress, educator, socio-therapist, organiser of cultural activities and health propagator, dancer and choreographer.

Holds the international S class in Latin American dancing, professional dancing instructor, educator, licensed Zumba instructor.

Dancing and Break Dancing


The completion to the dancing classes are the weekly rhythmics classes which are a method of educating through art in music education.

The method shapes the basic music abilities and transfers the knowledge of music through movement, singing and creativity. It is based on the understanding of the need for movement and activity present in every child and its aim is to educate a person that is sensitive to art and yet independent, intelligent, active, physically fit, in short: a future recipient of music, often its performer or creator.

The dancing and rhythmics classes are taught to all the children attending the kindergarten without any additional fees.