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Interesting Visitors

Interesting Visitors

In the curriculum  implemented in our facility there are regular, monthly visits of Interesting guests within the two independent topical series: „Career Day” and „Around the World Day”. 

("Dzień Kariery") is a cycle of meetings with people performing interesting jobs and directed at children (e.g. a vet, a basketball player, a fire-fighter, a police officer, a planner, an architect, an interior designer, etc.). 

These are persons specifically chosen by us, often well-known, who can tell the children about their job in an interesting and comprehensible way. During such meetings children actively participate in experiments, tasks and contests prepared by such persons so that they can get into a given profession better. 

It is our tradition to prepare questions with the children that they later on ask their guest.

Interesting Visitors

AROUND THE WORLD DAY ("Dzień Dookoła Świata") is a day when we entertain representatives of other nationalities. They tell us interesting things about their country, culture and tradition and leave us souvenirs connected with their countries of origin.  

In addition to an undoubtedly cognitive interest and the play factor, the meetings are perfect when it comes to following the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education and into the programme implemented in our facility

"Due to the democratization of social life, intercultural education, understood as the ability to meet and empathise with "Stranger" who has the same rights, no matter what social standing, political views, confession, language, sex, skin colour or race becomes essential. 

The contemporary kindergarten takes into account the multiculturalism of its children and the teacher knows and shows to the children the symbols of other cultures, confessions, the codes that they use. (…) 

Introducing the child into the world of culture, habits, norms, traditions, customs, history, holidays, literature, music evokes emotions, stimulates the curiosity of the world, makes one sensitive to patriotic and civic attitudes” 

("Together in Kindergarten" / Kindergarten Curriculum)