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Środa, 7 marca 2012

ZASTAL Zielona Góra Basketball Player in the Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem"

ZASTAL Zielona Góra Basketball Player in the Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem"

The tensed atmosphere can be felt in the kindergarten. Sportsmen are coming to visit. Sports clothes with white and green elements suggest that we will be entertaining ZASTAL players in the Non-Public Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem" . We are sitting quietly, the door then opens and the Director introduces our guest. -GO! Go! ZASTAL! - the children and teachers are shouting with their hands raised in the gesture of victory. Smiles on the faces and curiosity. 

-Let me introduce Kamil Chanas to you, he can play basketball really well! - says Our Director. All eyes are on Kamil and mouths open more and more with amazement as he demonstrates his skills to all of us. The more courageous of us try to dribble the ball, but no one is able to imitate the trick with the basketball spinning on the finger. Everyone would like to be just like him.

-You must exercise and eat healthy food! - says the player of ZASTAL. And all the children are now ready to swear they will be doing so from now on. And not only the children. Then the teachers stand up. - Go go, teachers! - each preschooler is chanting now.

- Miss, why is Kamil jumping with the basketball so much? - asks the usually inquisitive Kubuś. - So that the teachers could win - answers Hubercik, before 'Miss' has a chance to say anything. After the mini match there is a surprise. The children drew the silhouette of the player and then the natural size image was coloured. They had an opportunity to take photographs together and offer small gifts.

Kamil, we wish you all the best, only gold medals and championship's titles. Thank you for being with us! It was a truly beautiful day!

Wisława G. 

See how the visit of Kamil Chanas, a player of extra class basketball team ZASTAL Zielona Góra, progressed in our kindergarten:,106543,11301409,Koszykarz_pozowal_przedszkolakom__wideo__zdjecia_.html,35182,11301409,Koszykarz_pozowal_przedszkolakom__wideo__zdjecia_.html (the other part of the recording)