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Środa, 25 stycznia 2012

"Great Reading to Small Children"

"Great Reading to Small Children"

Once upon a time...

             Not so long ago, on 24th January 2012 and not in a fairy tale but in the Non-Public Language Kindergarten "Nad Strumykiem" the following gathered: „The King” of Zielona Góra Commune Mariusz Zalewski and „The Good Fairy” of the village of Drzonków Renata Woźniak to take part in „The Great Reading to Small Children”. This day fairies, princesses, queens, Winnie the Pooh and other fairytale Creatures arrived at the kindergarten, too.

There were exercises in spell casting (only the good spells, of course), magic wand waving and sprinkling with magic dust. Suddenly "The Sesame opens up" and here enters...

- Miss, is this the King? The voit that rules over us? - asks Kubuś

- But I don't have a crown like the real king – M. Zalewski responds.

- In this Enchanted Forest there is everything: Upon my commandment let there be a crown!

There was a crack (not very loud, of course) and the crown went on the king's - that is, the voit's - head.

The king began: „A big locomotive has pulled into town...” [The English rendering of Tuwim's poem by W. Whipple] – At this moment in the Enchanted Forest even the birds stopped tweeting and there fell "dead silence”.

-Chug along, tug along, tug along, chug along... – we could clearly hear the noise of the engine's wheels.  Certainly the magic of the magic dust caused all the Creatures, both big and small, to stand up and create a long train. The cardboard locomotive begins to move as the text is read out, "More slowly - than turtles", and after a while it zooms in an express fashion to the "Rest Station".

It is good that there was a Good Fairy - R. Woźniak waiting there with a basketful of tales. After reading her favourite tale of the Red Riding Hood, she gave children books with the wishes of daily readings with parents before sleep.


            And I was there, rode the train, listened to the readings, met the Red Riding Hood, ran away from the wolf and described everything I saw.

                                                                                                      Wisława G.


P.S. It is most wonderful when both the small and the big have great fun together. 


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